National Health Investors

National Health Investors

Publicly traded company, National Health Investors NYSE: NHI, hired Adams + Swann to design their Quarterly Supplemental that is distributed to investors and submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission. NHI aimed to develop a brand system that set them apart from their competition and communicated the relationships they build with their operator partners. From their Quarterly Supplemental to trade show and event marketing, Adams + Swann has provided a brand identity system that shines throughout all communication tactics. 


Integrated Campaigns, Advertising Strategy, Creative, Website Design

NHI Business Cards

Quarterly campaign with an impact

Custom graphs, charts, and tables are the cornerstone of this advertising piece as they were paired with a fresh color palette and contemporary design practices. A magazine layout was chosen in order to showcase the analytical data in an editorial format.  In addition, Adams & Swann handled every aspect of the project as well as printing on 11″ x 17″ saddle stitched glossy magazine weight paper, ensuring a long shelf life in investor offices around the country.  

Website Design

Adams + Swann wanted to showcase the unique position of NHI as a REIT that builds strong relationships with their clients. As a smaller company against much larger competition, NHI feels that they prioritize service and value above quantity. Adams + Swann used contemporary design queues to help NHI stand out as a leader in high quality relationship building.


We worked with Wall Street data firm SNL to achieve up to date financial reporting onsite, and on-brand with the overall design aesthetic desired. Included in the design is an interactive map showing the partners and properties that NHI works with in order to achieve a full scope of their investment portfolio. This mobile responsive site includes bright colors, contemporary graphics, and steps away from the staid corporate corporate feel of their competitors.

Event marketing and promotion

From front and center at the New York Stock Exchange to industry conferences and company events, National Health Investors always puts their best foot forward when it revolves around event promotion. Adams & Swann has created unique designs for invitations, banners, signage and other promotional items to assist with their marketing efforts.