Create engagement and new prospects with social media marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn all attract specific users and different demographics.


Adams + Swann works with your business to determine the best social media platform that will attract visitors to your page, website, or physical location.


In today’s digital marketing landscape, you must have different channels to deliver your message.


Within the same regard, the content you deliver on each channel should be different and relevant to the intended audience.


Social media should complement your website presence.


Having a great website doesn’t mean you should not be active on social media. On the other hand, if you have a great social media presence, your business should still have a strong, functional website.


Your social media channels are where you can drive engagement and reinforce your values, mission, and selling propositions as a business.


Social Media services include:


  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn management
  • Social Media strategy
  • Social media advertising
  • Monthly retainer services