Create engagement and new prospects with social media marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn all attract specific users and different demographics. Adams + Swann works with your business to determine the best social media platform that will attract visitors to your page, website, or physical location. In today’s digital marketing landscape, you must have different channels to deliver your message. Within the same regard, the content you deliver on each channel should be different and relevant to the intended audience.


In turn, social media should complement your website presence. Having a great website doesn’t mean you should not be active on social media. On the other hand, if you have a great social media presence, your business should still have a strong, functional website. Your social media channels are where you can drive engagement and reinforce your values, mission, and selling propositions as a business.


Social Media services include:

  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn management
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social media advertising
  • Monthly retainer services
Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram Management

Adams + Swann offers social media management solutions that take away the burden from your company. With the help of agencies like us, you can enjoy benefits like:


Time and Cost Savings: We’ll handle everything, so you can focus on other matters — all while saving on expenses.


Consistent Content Creation: Agencies have the resources and manpower to research, create, and publish content relevant to your target audience.


Access to Extensive Experience: We are experts in digital marketing, and we leverage our knowledge to help you boost engagement and conversions.

Social Media Strategy

Your entire approach to social media marketing must be intentional and deliberate. That’s why we offer social media strategy solutions. We partner with you to create the perfect language that speaks to your target audience. To create the perfect branding message, we work on how to position your company in the local market. Our team creates the ideal copy, graphics, and design that remains consistent with your brand.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Advertising

Paid campaigns are one of the guaranteed ways to increase your reach. Our team can create targeted ad campaigns to help you find the right people. We’ll also handle matters like budget optimization and analytics, allowing us to modify strategies with data-driven decisions. With our multi-platform expertise, we can help you advertise on Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

Monthly Retainer Services

Adams + Swann offers retainer services where we work on your social media for one monthly cost. You get a dedicated team of experts as well as consistent and regular posting on chosen platforms.This service saves time and allows you to adapt to certain trends. Unlike one-time social media management services, our offering takes on a more holistic approach. We can modify your strategies over time for long-term growth. That way, your company will remain relevant even as trends come and go.