Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is ever-changing and requires commitment and dedication on all levels.


If your business has made the decision to play the SEO game and move from the sidelines, there are a few items to consider.


First, you must have a solid SEO strategy within your digital marketing playbook.


Understanding SEO is more than simply examining keywords or typing your business name into Google Search.


It encompasses many areas such as content marketing, copywriting, markup, infographics, photo, video, and more. Together, with proper practice, these elements combine to help increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your company’s website.


Next, and most importantly, you must commit to a monthly budget. SEO is not a one-shot tactic. It requires attention day-in and day-out and it must evolve with emerging trends and changes.


Search Engine Optimization services include:

  • Keyword tracking and analysis
  • Page optimization
  • Site Crawl
  • Citation updates
  • Google My Business
  • Online reviews and reputation building