Selling the right way

Selling the right way

Selling your services and developing a sound business strategy

When it comes to sales, building a long-term sales funnel is critical to long-term success. As a salesperson, how do you achieve this? Below are a few of the strategies and tactics I use to reach new clients and help them with their business goals, and ultimatley advertising goals. 


In order to identify the right type of client for your sales funnel, research is essentioal. In our business not every client is an ideal fit, and we are not an ideal fit for every client. By using tools like Dun and Bradstreet, LinkedIn and Google, you can find businesses that your company can help. True service-based selling is about achieving the best scenario for the client and your company. It has to work for both sides, and you don’t know that until you have conducted the proper research.

Cold Calls

I detest getting cold calls, unannounced drop-ins, and unsolicited emails in our business. It’s a great way to turn me off to what you are selling. My time is valuable and getting interrupted shows me that you don’t value my time. Your potential clients are probably the same way. Calling someone, showing up at their place of business or emailing them without a prior relationship is a great way to waste a lot of time. Think about the last time you bought something from a door-to-door salesperson at your home or business. It might happen from time to time, but it is rare.

Warm Leads

When you prospect, think about who you know in your network that can help you get to the decision maker in the company. This is where keeping and regularly reviewing a CRM or simple spreadsheet of prospects can help. When you meet someone who knows the right people, you can ask them to help you with an introduction.

However, this isn’t a one-way street. You need to be giving to others in your network as well. You also have to maintain a good reputation for being honest and truly working for the good of your clients in order to gain the trust of referral partners. A one-and-done sales mentality will kill any chances you have of a referral on a warm lead.


Visibility is key to creating relationships and ultimately earning new business. Join a networking group and keep good attendance. In addition, join a civic club or professional group.

Be visible at the local chamber of commerce and engage in activities. Keep up professional social media profiles without asking for business all the time. Keep your elevator pitch short and sweet when meeting new people and always ask how you can help them.

A big part of cultivating visibility is merely showing up, being earnest and helping others. You can’t sit in your office all day firing off cold emails and calls and expect to build long-term relationships.


Have you ever known a salesperson who changes companies or sales jobs every year?

They are killing any chance of developing a consistent personal brand. One year they are selling insurance, the next real estate and the next digital marketing. Consequently, you never know what they are selling.

This hurts any chance of referring them business because you can’t keep up with what they are selling. A job change is going to happen from time to time, but don’t keep chasing new opportunities. Develop your reputation over the long-term, not the short-term.

Don’t Count Your Commission

I have known salespeople who sign a deal or write a proposal and immediately count up the money they will be making. Don’t do this. It shows that you value the money you make more than how you are helping your customer or client get to where they need to be.

They won’t ever know that you did this, but it will show in how you sell. Put the needs of your client or customer first. Consistently doing this will ensure you never have to worry about your sales commission or quota again. Business will come to you.

Inbound Leads

You will never know everyone at each business in which you want to sell. You need to increase visibility to draw in clients who might not know you.

This is where the right strategy for advertising and digital marketing will come into play. Make sure your website is working for you and not against you with good design and user experience. Maintain great company social media pages and use Google to create ad campaigns and while maintaining solid SEO visibility. Keeping your advertising on brand and your digital marketing consistent will show prospective clients that you run a great business.

If Adams + Swann can help your company with sales training, advertising or digital marketing, contact us today. We would love to discuss how we can help you get your business where you would like it in the given marketplace.