Case Study

ThermalRid, a Nashville based exterminating company, engaged Adams + Swann to assist them with their existing Google AdWords campaign and an organic SEO strategy. Looking to gain better results than their position at the time, Adams + Swann examined their current client base and looked at its profitability versus gaining visibility in other markets that would yield more clicks, calls and revenue opportunities for the client.  


Google AdWords, SEO


  • Increase digital leads through Google AdWords campaigns 
  • Develop new Google AdWords strategies to reach higher end clientele 
  • Improve organic search rankings 
  • Increase revenue opportunities by attracting homeowners with larger homes in affluent areas 

Google AdWords

Adams + Swann developed new strategies which increased their impressions, clicks and calls on Google AdWords with the same budget they had previously set. By testing various responses, copy and positioning strategies, Adams + Swann was able to dramatically increase web traffic, new lead interest and new closed revenue.


At the beginning of the campaign, Thermal Rid was 1-2 days out on new projects, with gaps in new business occurring frequently. As of August 2018, ThermalRid is two weeks out on new projects, and looking to break into new exterminating markets with a broader service offering. Their profitability as a company has accelerated, and their profitability per project has achieved new highs since gaining market share with larger homes in new zip codes. 

Page Views
Phone Calls


Adams + Swann has achieved better organic search results for ThermalRid across a variety of key search words and phrases.  Adams + Swann has crafted new sales driven copy which has streamlined ThermalRid’s processes and methods to be more beneficial for the end user of the website and allows for great SEO performance. Adams + Swann has also helped ThermalRid to track new keyword strategies and advised on best practices.