Google search changes in 2021 that will affect your business website

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Google to roll out new page experience signals for rankings

Recently, Google noted that page experience will be popular for search and listed different signals that would contribute to rankings.


Mobile-friendliness, HTTPS-security, and safe-browsing, among other factors, will be major contributors to your website’s rankings within the next year so now is the time to have a proper plan in place.



To stay up to date with current practices, we are bringing two new services to local businesses – Web Plus and SEO Lite.


Website security, software updates, and SSL certificates are a topic of concern for many small to medium businesses, Web Plus is a monthly web maintenance plan that will keep your website operating securely and efficiently on a regular basis.

In addition, SEO Lite is ideal for businesses who want to practice proper SEO basics but might not require a full-scale package

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